RAWbins Granola

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I love That It Is Healthy

I love RAWbins Granola! It’s delicious on yogurt. One of my favorite things to add it to is toast with butter & cinnamon. Yummy! And I love that its healthy and that a portion of the money goes to help children.…Read More



The fact that it is healthy is a bonus in my opinion, it tastes amazing and can be mixed with all sorts of delicious things like yogurt or ice cream. I prefer to just eat it by itself most of the time, though, because it's just that good. I highly suggest trying it out if you get the chance, it's always something I can turn to when I need a nutritional snack to get me through the day. In addition …Read More

John Helms

Best Granola

Rawbins Granola is absolutely the best granola you will ever try!! WARNING: IT's ADDICTIVE!! It's probably the healthiest thing in my diet. It's not too sweet...just sweet and cinnamony enough. I love it alone or in yogurt, or in my oatmeal,... you get the picture. And, of course, the face that it benefits local children is an added sweetener.…Read More

Patty Hall