RAWbins Granola

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When you purchase RAWbins, you will have the information you need to connect with local and global anti-poverty organizations. And a portion of every sale of RAWbins goes to support these organizations and the vital work they do to save children living in poverty. We support a variety of charities all over the world and you can learn more about them below.

One Child Matters in South America

At One Child Matters, the goal of this charity organization is not to introduce children to the Western culture or to provide an easy way out of poverty, but to instill and nurture an independent mindset in the minds of impoverished children. The charity believes in a holistic approach and finds that most beneficial for children who are still developing their minds and personalities. One Child Matters caters to children worldwide through two types of projects: Child Development Centers and Partner-Based Schools. To learn more about One Child Matters, please click here to go to their website.

The Boys and Girls Harbor Organization

The Boys and Girls Harbor Organization works to help children and their families see beyond the current situation, past the current hardships, and towards the future. By educating children and enriching their cultural participation, the Boys and Girls Harbor Organization works to assure the appropriate training in academics and development in emotions by infusing art into current curriculums. They hope to give children in Morgan’s Point, TX knowledge that reaches beyond a 10-block perspective and RAWbins is passionate in assisting them with their mission. To learn more about The Boys and Girls Harbor Organization, please follow this link.

Vitamin Angels Organization

Vitamin Angels works to provide micronutrients to children around the world that suffer from “hidden hunger” or a lack of crucial vitamins, like Vitamin A and multivitamins. Their hope is to cut mortality rates in children under five by 24% in at-risk areas. RAWbins supports wellness through proper nutrition and this program syncs perfectly with the overall mission statement of RAWbins Granola. To learn more about Vitamin Angels and the mission they are working to complete, click here.

Kids of La Porte After School Program

The mission of the Kids of La Porte After School Program is to provide children, youths, and even adults with a safe area where they feel comfortable and loved after the school bell rings for the day. Right now, the program supports 60 young people and provides them with a snack, help with their homework, and creative outlets to participate in. The Kids of La Porte After School Program is kept running by volunteers and quite a few of them are Junior High students who were once participants in the program at a younger age. To learn more about the Kids of La Porte and to read more on their mission and core values, follow this link.

Kazembe Orphanage in Zambia, Africa

The Kazembe Orphanage in Zambia, Africa is aiming to improve the lives of children who have lost their parents and have no family to turn to by giving them a place to live and a place to learn. Supporters of the orphanage can help in many ways, such as: funding their current projects, sponsoring a child, sending them supplies that they need, or even volunteering. Currently, the volunteers at the orphanage are constructing a school building. RAWbins supports children at the orphanage through proceeds that come from the sales of granola. To learn more about where Kazembe Orphanage is and how you can help, click here.